Welcome to the Austin Tantra Festival!

You are invited to join us December 13-15 for a full weekend of inspiring and life changing workshops, as an incredible team of top facilitators of Tantra, Shamanism, Yoga & Conscious Movement offer you the opportunity to explore and celebrate life in ways you may have never imagined possible!

What is a Tantra Festival?

A Tantra Festival is all about you being you. Tantra is not the next thing to learn, do right or follow to the ends of the earth. The Tantric way is a journey within. What is in the way of loving yourself fully? Of allowing more love into your life? Abundance? Of allowing your voice to be heard and your emotions felt? A Tantra festival is not about learning something new, but remembering who you are and doing it together with others seeking to do the same! Your community. Your tribe.

Imagine a gathering of souls who have the intention and purpose to simply release guilt, shame & fear and step into a world of more love beginning with themselves. Imagine how much you could learn about and fall in love with yourself in such a place. Imagine a team of experienced facilitators from your community and who have traveled in from around the US & abroad….a team who lives these principals daily and is gathered to share the tools and practices which have supported them to live a life beyond their dreams. Imagine being at the center of such a gathering for one magical weekend. A weekend which may be just a new beginning as you remember who you are! Imagine this and welcome. Welcome, home. This is your festival.

Bring your curiosity, your desire, your fear, your vulnerability, your courage, your questions, your doubts, your hopes & your dreams. All of you is welcome here! We will share a rich program of Tantric workshops, Ecstatic dances, Yoga, Meal offerings and Sacred ceremonies. You get to go at your own pace participating in as much as you wish and taking space when you need. You choose your own adventure at a Tantra Festival, as we have something for everyone!

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The Austin Tantra Festival will take place at the gorgeous

Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs Mansion

2312 San Gabriel St, Austin, TX 78705


The festival space will open at 6:00 PM on December 13 and close at 9:00pm on December 15.

We will have a full schedule each day of workshops, ceremonies and meal breaks beginning from 9am on Saturday & Sunday.

*A schedule of specific workshops/leaders will be posted closer to the event itself

For more information on Tantra & what to expect at a festival, and logistic info visit our FAQ page

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